We Are Hiring!!!!

That’s right! We are now hiring. Whether you are a blogger, marketer, web and/app developer. We are looking for new employees.  Just send your resume to Supersilvermarketing@gmail.com. We will be offering competitive wedges as well as support and help if needed. We are also looking for interns as well, depending on the job un-paid internships and paid internships. This goes for all both of our websites as well. So if you are an MMA fan and would rather blog or be apart of the MMA Historian just include that in your email. For bloggers no experience needed but preferred. But just include in your email an example of a blog you may post. For bloggers you can just fill out this form if it is easier.

THANK YOUclient_PART_1512833996547_09-10-36-23_back.jpg



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